Eloquence in communication is the best way to put across your pains, your excitements, your offers and other things that are required for a peaceful society. This is what our Ummah needs again. Here at Ink of Faith we aim to unite the Ummah Online and to address problems faced in the world today as well as the glorious past that has been buried under the sands of time. It’s a coming together of writers from different walks of life, different backgrounds, numerous experiences and how all this can help raise the Ummah from the deep slumber it has fallen into.

A writer is like a leader who can change the thinking pattern of his subjects. Writers and Islamic writing brings a silent spiritual revolution in the life of a person.

At Ink of Faith we aim to create a platform for authors of various types of Islamic Blogs, articles etc. An opportunity to new budding writers to connect with anyone amongst the pool of writers, easing your journey to authentic knowledge, simple heart-to-heart talk and bringing a change in the way of thinking ISLAM. Here, we link you to writers, who have had a roller-coaster journey and want to share their experience with you.

If you are a writer/blogger and we haven’t discovered you yet, then Race for the Ajr and buzz us ASAP! Compile all your adverbs that are lying like junk in your grey cells. It is time to use them. Our minds could be converted from a vibrant productive factory into a Godown of ideas if we do not convey what we should have conveyed.

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