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Rasha Abdul Razack

Rasha Abd' ar-Razack, a third-culture kid by birth, dental surgeon by profession and a reacher by choice. Rasha has studied Qur'an and Arabic at the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY, KSA). Rasha wants to make her fellow beings fall a tad bit more in love with Islam and leave a legacy of productivity for her readers. Rasha has been a part of organizations like Young Muslimah Project, You're Precious Campaign (Riyadh) and Sisterhood of A-Deen (Bangalore).


Struggling with Exams in Ramadan

Dad: Do you have enough money to last you this Ramadan? Me: Hmm.. Dad: What happened? Did you have Suhoor? Me: Couldn’t wake up last night. Dad: What? Why? How are the fasts going? Me: Alhamdulilah good. But I can’t even put in 4 hours of serious study with the exams round the corner….

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