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Sheikh Mashhoor

Sheikh Masshoor is currently the Director of Education Dept and teacher at the South Jeddah Islamic Center, Jalyat Department. He has a B.S in Computer Science from University of Oregon, Corvallis, USA (1993). Sheikh is currently pursuing a Masters in Fiqh at the Madinah International University, Malaysia. Sheikh has authored and designed a New Muslim curriculum; 3 books titled Aqidati (My Belief), Ibaadati (My Worship) and Adaabi wa Akhalqi (My Etiquette and Manners), which are taught in some of the Islamic centers. Sheikh is actively involved in teaching Aqeedah and Fiqh classes for English speaking students at South Jeddah Islamic Center as well as directing and teaching Friday programs for young boys at the same center. Sheikh has completed several books (Mutoon) in Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Nahw, Usool al-Fiqh among others with several prominent scholars in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Sheikh has benefited immensely from the audios of Sheikh Ibn al-Uthaymeen, Sheikh Saleh Aal Sheikh, Sheikh Saleh al-Osaymi and others.


The Problem of Evil

If There Is A God, Why Does He Allow Evil To Happen? The problem of evil is the atheists’ most centric argument. In many debates when an atheist is cornered and immensely bombarded with multitude of God’s existence- logical proofs and prior to throwing in the towel, he shifts to the problem of evil argument…

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