Articles by Umm Hafsah Rumaisah

Umm Hafsah Rumaisah

Rochelle Flores is a full time mother of two, who hold's an Associates Degree in Literatures in English and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's of Education Degree from the Islamic Online University. She writes for an Islamic magazine in her home country of Trinidad called Al Ihsaan Magazine. She has a passion for sharing what little she knows about Islam, particularly through writing, enjoys teaching and hopes to one day open her school to pass on the knowledge of the Deen to the younger generations.


Nurturing the Heart for Ramadan

The hustling and the bustling, the shopping and the stocking up, the clearing and the cleaning, all accompanied with excitement, enthusiasm, joyousness and blissfulness has begun once again to fill the air! Can you feel it? Just mere weeks ago, the guest who was patiently waiting to knock upon the doors of each and every…


Tahaarah – Key to Acceptance

“I feel so depressed today! Nothing is going my way! Why does this always happen to me and nothing ever happens to anyone else!” Sometimes, statements like these fill our thoughts and may even be uttered from our lips, greatly affecting our demeanor, the way we see the world and our relationships with our loved…

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