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Gaming: Game Over? Or Level Up?

This article is Part 2 of an ongoing series of articles under the project, ‘Addictions: Breaking Bad’ . “I’m going to throw your X-Box out of the window if you don’t turn that game off right now” How familiar is this phrase (or one of its variations), coming from one of your parents or elders?…


The Hijrah: A Focal Point

The Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar), was first introduced by the second Rightly Guided Caliph, `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (592-644 C.E.), in an attempt to rationalize the various, at times conflicting, dating systems used during his time. This noble effort was later turned into the most appropriate reference point to the commencement of the new Muslim chronology…

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How To Attain A Good End?

The Prophet Muhammad, (ﷺ) used to advice Muslims to have good perceptions and thoughts of Allah The Almighty. The Prophet (ﷺ) used to seek refuge from a bad end and asked for a good end. The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “None of you (Muslims) should die but having a good thought of Allah, the All-Majestic, the…


Ramadan: A Chance for a Fresh Beginning

Allah the Most High gives us ample opportunities and chances in our lives for a fresh start and a new beginning. These opportunities from Allah define our progression toward our eternal goal and purpose. Ramadan is definitely one such opportunity, and perhaps even the best of them. Many Ramadans have we witnessed and lived, many…


When Caught In The Eye of The Storm

The breaking of your beautiful heart, the striking of that painful calamity, The destruction of your little nest, the breakthrough of the sudden uninvited tragedy. Nothing is a coincidence, nothing is unfortunate. Every action predestined, every step incredibly accurate. It’s all a part of a mighty plan unknown. Hold on, Oh wounded soul! Your magnanimous…

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca

3 Comprehensive Duas

Ramadan, the month of Quran, the month of worship, the month of Dua. At times, there are so many Duas you want to ask Allah, desperate for His Mercy, for Jannah, so many things to achieve in this Dunya that you need to make Dua for, yet when you reach sujood, you can’t think of…

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