Pearls of Poetry



How pleased were you when you found out that you have been blessed with a seed, A treasure for how many silently weep In the middle of the nights where no one can see Except the Most Merciful. They wish for story-time about Prophet Yunus in a whale, About the sleepers with their dog in…


Darkness To Light

In the lands of Arabia, sat a city of Old Makkah, carved in the hearts, worth more than Gold A young boy sat cozily beside the Chief The nobles scolded him but were told to give the boy no grief He grew up to be the best of them, they named him Al Amin The…


Behold the Reasons

The sun rises in the colorful world at the permission of the One and only Lord. Behold the reasons to be grateful for. The liveliness cheers at the Creator’s command, And the winds veer as He steers, While the greenery spreads its wide arms, Behold the reasons to be grateful for. Each breath speaks of…


The Forbidden Love

I met a guy in haram way, Cloaked in angel wings- he was a devil to lead me astray. His sweet words I thought were true, What his true intentions were I had no clue. I was becoming his slave and he my master, I was turning away from Allah first slowly and then faster….

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca


The past draws its curtains,  And the future calls its soul. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The days pass by like breaths,  And  the seconds fly at a glance. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The silence speaks its words, And the patience bears its fruits….


The Farthest Mountain

A thin curtain of mist Covers the farthest mountain. As if trying to hide, to protect, The mysteries of the unexplored. It’s silhouette is still, as if unaffected, By the busy surrounding. Slumbering. It’s greatness leaves you in awe. And it’s silence makes the beating of The heart profound. So, I guess the mountains wait….


War between Life and Death

When the sun dips back into the sea, the night sky blankets over the town, the breeze humming along and the dry leaves rattling against the wind, the soul stands still and all alone in the dark,trembling. The world is running at a speed like never before. The technologies and instant messaging took a toll…

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