Memorizing The Quran With Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu

My foremost advice to my students and people in general is this, no matter what you are doing, make it a priority to memorize the Book of Allah. Even though you are not able to understand it don’t be disheartened, focus on memorization.

Start memorizing for it will bring barakah in your work and down the line this memorization will also help you in learning and getting an edge over all others. How will it give you the edge? Learning the tafseer and the meanings of the Quran requires deep study and at times people dedicate their entire lives to this cause. I say to memorize first because later when you learn the meanings it will be easier for you to know and recall as the Quran is saved in your head. Down the line memorizing the Quran even helps those learning Arabic as it gives you a wider vocabulary.

The most important thing when it comes to memorizing the Quran is sincerity without which no matter what you do, you will never be able to memorize. This is followed by showing commitment and having an interest towards this noble pursuit. If this is missing then you will not be able to retain whatever you have just memorized. Memorization is not just about reading a lot but being true to your commitment towards the Book of Allah


Best Times

Memorization – The best time to start memorization is when you are fresh after sleeping and your mind is free from all other distraction. This time is the time immediately after Fajr.

As is reported in the hadeeth of Sakhr al-Ghaamidi رضي الله عنه, who said: “The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “O Allah, bless my Ummah in the mornings.’ Whenever he sent out troops or an army, he would send them at the beginning of the day.’” Sakhr was a trader, and he used to send out his caravans at the beginning of the day, and he did well as a result and made money.” [Reported by Abu Dawood, Al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah]

Revision – Its best to revise at night before going to bed.


How To Memorize?

There are various methodologies employed by different teachers based on how they themselves had memorized and InshaAllah whoever sticks to them properly will be granted success. The following is my recommended method which I feel helps retaining what you have memorized for a longer period of time.

  1. Take little at fist. Gradual progression is the key. If you start with too much then you are bound to forget. Some people can memorize upto 4 pages a day easily but since this is for beginners I say it will feel a bit tough in the beginning but will become easy eventually.
  2. Don’t memorize all together. Break the ayah into parts if it is long. Memorize the first bit till it is settled properly and then move to the remaining portion of the ayah. Once complete then combine and read it together till you have memorized it properly.
  3. While memorizing maintain a high speed and a loud voice. This method is helpful to retain especially when it comes to the ayat which are a bit difficult to memorize.
  4. Once one ayah is strengthened, combine it with the previous ayah that you have memorized and recite them together till they are strengthened together as a unit. Only then should you move forward but keep following this method.


Memorization Schedule

The memorization at the beginning will be shaky. As mentioned earlier you begine your memorization in the early hours after Fajr. Throughout the day when you get time you revise what you have memorized of the Quran in general. In the night the best thing to do just before sleeping is to recite the ayat which you have memorized that day without looking at the mushaf.

Second day is a crucial stage in the followup process of memorization. Recite the previous days memorization again without looking at the mushaf. If you find any defects then you have to work on strengthening them and only then should you move forward with your memorization.

After this if you have already memorized some portion of the Quran then it is recommended to revise them again at this time. But how do you revise? Bear in mind that this is that portion of the Quran which you have already memorized months or maybe even years ago. For this portion you should revise by reading and reciting by looking at the mushaf for two consecutive days and then recite on the third day without looking to test yourself. The idea behind this is that firstly it strengthens what you have previously memorized and clears the slight errors that might have crept up over time.

Down the line BiIznillah once you are done memorizing the Quran by employing this method, then devoting just 15 minutes a day to revision will help and be sufficient in retaining the Quran in your memory InshaAllah. It will be a bit difficult at the start but slowly you will see its fruits and then thank me for making you go through this difficulty. Start with an ayah, then a page and slowly it will keep increasing till you can finish your memorization in maybe even a year if you stick to this method InshaAllah.


Editors Note – May Allah make this journey taken to learn and memorize His book easy and bless all those who undertake it. May Allah preserve and immensely bless our Sheikh, Ibrahim Nuhu حفظه الله with his choicest of blessings and allow us to continue gaining benefit from him.


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Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu


Sheikh Ibrahim Nuhu is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Economics at the International Islamic University Malaysia. As a child, he was traditionally trained under his father and other local scholars in the Maliki Fiqh. He started off his teaching career as the headmaster of Raudatul Qur’an School in Nigeria. He was then accepted into the International Islamic University, Madinah. He graduated from the Dept of Shariah at the top of his class with his Bachelors in Shariah and Islamic Studies. He then followed that up with a Postgraduate Diploma (first class of honours) in Islamic Law and Islamic Political Science from the same university only to pursue and complete his Masters and PhD in Shariah and Civil Laws at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Sheikh Ibrahim is an advisor and speaker for many Muslim student bodies in Universities all across Malaysia, delivering hundreds of Islamic lectures and Dawah programs. He is well known for conducting free weekly classes ranging from Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usool and others, which are attended by many students and lecturers. Currently he is the Director and Founder of An-Nadaa Educational Foundation which is working to alleviate the difficulties and fulfill the needs of poor Muslims in Nigeria and elevate them with education.

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