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Akhsar al-Mukhtasarat | Book of Hajj | Miqat

بَيَانُ اَلْمَوَاقِيتِ وَالْإِحْرَامِ The Miqat & That Which Is Prohibited In A State Of Ihram  . وَمِيقَاتُ أَهْلِ اَلْمَدِينَةِ الحُلَيْفَةُ, وَالشَّامِ وَمِصْرَ وَالْمَغْرِبِ اَلْجُحْفَة ُ وَالْيَمَنِ يَلَمْلَمَ, وَنَجْدٍ قَرْن ٌ وَالْمَشْرِقِ ذَاتُ عِرْقٍ Al-Hulayfah is designated as the miqat for the people of Madinah Al-Juhfah is designated as the miqat for the people of Al-Shaam, Egypt, and…


The Ideal Response to Every Doubt on Islam

We are living in a revolutionary era; the drastic progress of technology and telecommunication is overwhelming, where geographical boundaries are eliminated; racial differences have dissolved; and language variations are no longer a hurdle. A joke is cracked in the West and instantly laughed at in the East. People have benefited immensely from this innovative advancement…


Wiping Over Khuffain| Book of Purification | Umadatul Fiqh

Leather socks made from animal skins is what was available at the Prophet’s ﷺ time. The ahadith regarding the Khuffain is Mutawatir. Poem on Mutawatir Khuffain: مما تواتر حديث من كذب       ومن بنى لله بيتا واحتسب ورؤية شفاعة والحوضُ         ومسح خفين وهذي بعضُ Imam Ahmad said regarding this issue that there’s nothing in his heart that…

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