Monthly Archives: February 2015


Behold the Reasons

The sun rises in the colorful world at the permission of the One and only Lord. Behold the reasons to be grateful for. The liveliness cheers at the Creator’s command, And the winds veer as He steers, While the greenery spreads its wide arms, Behold the reasons to be grateful for. Each breath speaks of…


BUSTED: Why Men NEED Four Women

I would give anything to see the look on your face right now LOL. I can just imagine most women’s horrified gasps at the controversial title, and of course all the smirks from men, too. I realize the ‘multiple marriage’ thing drives some people up the roof, but that’s a debate I can win later….


A Ring in the Desert

Ever taken a moment out from your strenuous day to day life and just laid back under the wide canopy of the sky and gazed endlessly counting the stars? Wondering just what is hidden behind those stars or how vast the world out there is. We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and…


The Princess that YOU are!

Growing up, we all wanted to be a princess. Thanks to Mr Walt Disney, even as grown ups, the idea of princesses tug at our hearts. Just take a look at our mothers’ fascination with the late Princess Diana or our current obsession with Kate Middleton or Queen Rania. Well, I am here to tell you…

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