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Madhabu Ahmada

Cheat Sheet to the Hanbali Madhab

أنا حنبلي. ما حييت، فإن أموت فوصيتي للناس أن يتحنبل His Life Imam Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani al-Baghdadi. His lineage meets the Prophet’s at Mizar Ibn Ma’ad Ibn Adnan. This makes the Imam an Adnani Arab from the tribe of the Quraysh. Imam Ahmad was orphaned around 1-3 years of age. His grandfather…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Ar-Ra’uf

This name comes from the root word رأف which means pity (a higher degree of mercy); it is mercy that does not come with any sort of difficulty attached with it. Mercy (رحمة) by itself does not negate the possibility of difficulties or hardship existing with it. For example, Allah sends punishments or trials as…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Ar-Raheem

The name ar-Raheem is one of the most commonly mentioned names in the Qur’an, occurring about 114 times. Whenever ar-Rahman is with another attribute in the Qur’an, it is with ar-Raheem alone. Ar-Raheem occurs most often with the name al-Ghafoor (الغفور الرحيم) and with the name al-Azeez (العزيز الرحيم). The second combination of names pairs…

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