Articles by Sheikh Abu Zahran As Seylani

Sheikh Abu Zahran As Seylani

Sheikh Abu Zahran Ashfaq Anas As Seylani studied at the University of Umm ul Qura, Makkah. He specializes in the field of Uloomul Quran and Usool with very keen interests in Tafseer, Qira'ath and Rasm of the Mushaf and successfully completed Teachers training in Qira'ath. He has studied Qira'at under numerous sheikhs in Haram Makki and in other parts of Saudi Arabia. He holds Ijazahs in many mutoons and a sanad in Qira'at that has only 29 scholars in between. From his teachers are: Sheikh Abu Abdullah Yusri Husain (Teacher of Qira'at Al Ashr in Jami' Al Qadhi, Riyadh) Dr Sayid Ibrahim Al Mansee (Professor of Uloomul Quran in University of Umm ul Qura) Sheikh Muhammed Abdul Qadir Ale Salih (Teacher of Qira'at Al Ashr in Haram) Sheikh Dr Safwat Mahmood Salim (Teacher of Qira'at Al Ashr Al Kubra in Mahad Al Imam Shatibi Jeddah) He studied the Sciences of Hadith under Sheikh Yahya Abdul Aziz (Muhaddith and Teacher at Haram) and Sheikh Dr Sulaiman al-Aseeri along with Usool al-Fiqh with Sheikh Dr. Hassan Bukhari (Usooli and Imam of Haram). He studied the famous Mutoon Talib ul Ilm under Sheikh Dr.Abdul Muhsin al-Qasim himself.

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