Articles by Dina Helmy

Dina Helmy

Graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Psychology.A certified Positive Discipline Facilitator from Positive Discipline concepts by Jane Nelson, USA. Has held many workshops and worked in affiliation with well-known Magazine and office of Mother and Child. A life coach and certified as an Associate Certified Meta Coach from the International Society of Neurosemantics, USA. My coaching style is compassionately challenging. My areas of expertise are family, relationship and self-actualization coaching. My mission in life is to help as many people that I can in a beneficial way that they do not depend on me, rather they have the tools and strategies to lead a happy healthy life.


Lean On Me

There is innate love, the kind of love that we are inborn with. I like to call it more instinctual love. The love that God created in all of us to love our daughters, sons, mothers and fathers. We don’t really choose to start loving them; it is just instinctive inside of us and the…

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