Articles by Farhah Aziz

Farhah Aziz

Farhah is a student of Political Science in International Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently in her 3rd year of studies, she possesses diverse interests in other fields of knowledge especially philosophy and psychology. Her writing gives a glimpse of her endless fascination with the human soul and the reality of this world, delving deep into the concept of spirituality and purification of the soul. Hugely influenced by some of the most prominent spiritual speakers and writers such as Yasmin Mogahed, her writing is simple, brief yet captivating. Using the hashtag #soulspeaks in most of her writing, she wishes that her writing will also help others to speak their souls.


The Princess that YOU are!

Growing up, we all wanted to be a princess. Thanks to Mr Walt Disney, even as grown ups, the idea of princesses tug at our hearts. Just take a look at our mothers’ fascination with the late Princess Diana or our current obsession with Kate Middleton or Queen Rania. Well, I am here to tell you…

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