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Nida Arshi Naqeeb

An Interior Designer and Artist by passion and profession. A Final year MBA student. A Dream Team member of the free muslim matrimonial fb page'The Nikah Street .com' that's very close to her heart. A Dreamer. An occasional blogger. An avid collector of words - quotes, poetry and fiction snippets speaking of inspirations and of Love. Loves what Hope, Love and Faith stand for Islamically. A myriad of emotions. A myriad of passions. A myriad of this and that. And a master of none. A Stranger. Homeward bound. No achievements and outstanding ongoing works to speak of. Wishes to pen the mere echoes of the heart - ordinary words wishing to strike like a bulls-eye of an arrow, from the depths of one heart to another. At the end of the day just your sis and most importantly His Flawed, Imperfect and Incomplete slave.

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The Chai & Biscuits

A HALAL LOVE STORY “Would you like to ask anything else? ” he enquired politely. “Umm…No, nothing else, I think…” she replied back thoughtfully, rummaging through her mind for anymore of her planned essential questions that she might have forgotten to ask him now, for the sit-down that they were having. They had exchanged and…

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