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Riham Ramzy

Riham Ramzy graduated from Cambridge Islamic College, UK with a Diploma in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language while simultaneously completing her Diploma in Arabic Language from King AbdulAziz University (KAU), Jeddah. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Studies and Law from KAU. Riham is also the founder of A Goodly Word, an online youth community. Through her writings and personal journey into the Deen, she hopes to inspire the youth on the important things in life.

Addictions - Music

Music: Lost In A Song

This article is Part 3 of an ongoing series of articles under the project, ‘Addictions: Breaking Bad’ . Ever walked into a mall or the train only to see almost everyone with earphones or headphones on? Humming along to lyrics or lightly tapping their feet to a beat? Is the first thing you do when…



How pleased were you when you found out that you have been blessed with a seed, A treasure for how many silently weep In the middle of the nights where no one can see Except the Most Merciful. They wish for story-time about Prophet Yunus in a whale, About the sleepers with their dog in…

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