Articles by Safaa Baig

Safaa Baig

Safaa Baig is a dreamer at heart and an aspiring visionary. She has completed a BA (with Honours) in Modern Languages and has a special love for the Arabic language. She has successfully scripted live plays for Muslim youth organizations and is a regular writer at Little Explorer's magazine. Soul of a Butterfly is her debut novel, released in early 2014 and available in stores worldwide. She writes in the hopes of inspiring change and leaving Islam's mark as far as she can reach - and beyond.


Journeying with the Quran

We all know that the purpose of Revelation of the Quran is Guidance – to bring people out of darkness and into the Light. And yet, even as we consider it a universal guidance for all of mankind, we must also understand the significance of the Quran as a guide for each and every one…


Don’t Be Like That Smelly Guy

Okay, pull your trainers on, and get ready for the race of the year! Ramadan! Our beloved guest is here and we’ve got some serious training to do. And I’m here to help you shape up. Now, what’s really interesting is that most people don’t realize that Ramadan is a race. From the first sighting of…

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