Articles by Zahra Bint Zaki

Zahra Bint Zaki

Zahra is an Information Technology engineer by education, an aspiring writer by passion and a proud homemaker by profession. She hails from India, was raised up in the cradle of Islam, Saudi Arabia and presently resides in UAE with her better half. She has been a contributor to various online projects/platforms such as Saudi Life, Youth Club and Siege the Sihr and has also been a member of various social activities in India including those against dowry. She believes that educating young Muslim women about their wonderful religion helps them to fulfill their religious obligations and re-gain their self esteem thereby not making them vulnerable to the demoralized western ideas that tend to have ill effects on the society. Her writings also revolve around treating and tackling evil eye, magic or possession with the aim of helping the afflicted patients on their road to recovery.


Behold the Reasons

The sun rises in the colorful world at the permission of the One and only Lord. Behold the reasons to be grateful for. The liveliness cheers at the Creator’s command, And the winds veer as He steers, While the greenery spreads its wide arms, Behold the reasons to be grateful for. Each breath speaks of…

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca


The past draws its curtains,  And the future calls its soul. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The days pass by like breaths,  And  the seconds fly at a glance. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The silence speaks its words, And the patience bears its fruits….

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