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Bitcoin! Let’s Talk!

Since the last few months I have been kept busy with questions about cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. The correspondence regarding this matter was further hiked with the passing of a few fatwas concerning these currencies with a strong airing of these currencies being forbidden (Haraam). Furthermore, some of you came across a…

Madhabu Ahmada

Cheat Sheet to the Hanbali Madhab

أنا حنبلي. ما حييت، فإن أموت فوصيتي للناس أن يتحنبل His Life Imam Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal al-Shaybani al-Baghdadi. His lineage meets the Prophet’s at Mizar Ibn Ma’ad Ibn Adnan. This makes the Imam an Adnani Arab from the tribe of the Quraysh. Imam Ahmad was orphaned around 1-3 years of age. His grandfather…


Women’s Guide to the Masjid

It’s that time of the year again, Taraweeh. It’s a time that people rush to the masajid eagerly. Women and children who hardly attend prayers throughout the year also go to the Masajid in Ramadan and for Eid. Praying behind an Imam has some rulings that need to be known so that we avoid falling…


Wudhu as per the Hanbali Madhab

The following are points of benefit regarding wudhu as per the Hanbali Madhab taught by Sheikh Abu Ibrahim John Starling. Wudhu    A. There are 8 Pre-Requisites which must be met for a valid Wudhu: 1. Cessation of what obligates it. Menstrual and postpartum bleeding, urination, etc. must have completely stopped. 2. Intention, a prerequisite for…

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