If my eyes went blind tomorrow..

A question: If I couldn’t see tomorrow..
what would I have longed to see?

If I couldn’t see tomorrow

I would yearn to see my mother’s smile
while I pressed her feet..
And would long to see my fathers laughter
while I joked to him..

If I couldn’t see tomorrow
I would cry and wish to read more books
I would want to write and learn and paint and beautify my walls

If my eyes went blind tomorrow
I would have wanted that one last look into the mirror
To see myself without any complaints
I’d know that it was always an image, while what looked at it was a soul

If my eyes went blind tomorrow
I would miss the sky’s cerulean blue and the cloud’s white shapes

A blue scarf or a turquoise- it wouldn’t have mattered to me
What would have mattered would be my Hijab in its place
If I couldn’t see tomorrow
I would tell every friend of mine
That I still thought they were beautiful in their own ways
And to some of them I’d say
Being themselves was the best they were

If I couldn’t see tomorrow,
I would have wished to have been careful with my gaze
While I had the chance
I would have wished to make the best of everything I had

If my eyes went blind tomorrow
I would have known how it felt to see
I would know how it felt to not
And I would know…that you can’t blind me
After You had shown me the light

If my eyes went blind tomorrow
If darkness was my only light
If light, felt forgotten..
If my name just became a sympathy
If my dreams just remained dreams

I would know that yesterday I could have seen
and now my eyes just went blind.

So maybe I would have lived life to the fullest
Even when I have lost my sight
Then why wait for all that until I couldn’t see?

But what if…

you couldn’t find me tomorrow
Would I have made that bit of a difference
that you would have looked for me?
And then again, I ask,
If you knew you couldn’t see tomorrow, 
What would you have done today?

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Sameera Hameed


Sameera Hameed has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. And is now pursuing her dream course, bi ithnillah, Ta'lim al Quran from Farhat Hashmi's AlHuda institute. All her aim in writing is, to help connect people to the most beautiful connection- With their Rabb, the Creator, the One and Only. And to live with His beautiful words- the Quran.

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