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12 Points of Mawlid | Part 2

Please refer to 12 Points on Mawlid | Part 1 before reading further. Seventh Point: The purported date of birth of the Prophet ﷺ is the same date of his death (Monday 12th  of  Rabi’ Al-Awwal). Therefore,  joy on that day is not more appropriate than sadness as expressed by several scholars, like  Ibn Al-Haaj Al-Maliki and al-Fakhany….


Faith Essentials | Risalah Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani | Part 3

(باب) ما تنطق به الألسنة وتعتقده الأفئدة من واجب أمور الديانات That which is pronounced by the Tongues and firmly Believed in the Hearts, concerning the obligatory matters of the Deen من ذلك الإيمان بالقلب والنطق باللسان أن الله إله واحد لا إله غيره، ولا شبيه له، ولا نظير له، ولا ولد له، ولا والد…


Faith Essentials | Risalah Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani | Part 2

الحمد ﻟﻠﻪ الذي ابتدأ الإنسان بنعمته، وصوره في الأرحام بحكمته، وأبرزه إلى رفقه وما يسره له من رزقه، وعلمه ما لم يكن يعلم، وكان فضل لله عليه عظيماً All praise and thanks are due to Allah who begins the creation of man by his grace, and fashions him while still being in the womb [of…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Ar-Ra’uf

This name comes from the root word رأف which means pity (a higher degree of mercy); it is mercy that does not come with any sort of difficulty attached with it. Mercy (رحمة) by itself does not negate the possibility of difficulties or hardship existing with it. For example, Allah sends punishments or trials as…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Ar-Raheem

The name ar-Raheem is one of the most commonly mentioned names in the Qur’an, occurring about 114 times. Whenever ar-Rahman is with another attribute in the Qur’an, it is with ar-Raheem alone. Ar-Raheem occurs most often with the name al-Ghafoor (الغفور الرحيم) and with the name al-Azeez (العزيز الرحيم). The second combination of names pairs…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Rabb

A father, to his child, is shelter. A father is strength. A father is discipline, compassion, strictness and love, all rolled into one. A compassionate father may sometimes be likened to رب البيت (Master of the House). However, Allah is the One and only ar-Rabb; He guides, He loves, He advises, He admonishes, He forgives,…


Beautiful Names of Allah | Allah

I begin with the most obvious name, the name which is constantly on our tongues, in our hearts, our prayers- ‘Allah’. It is that name with which the Quran begins (بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم) and it is that which comes in the ending of the Quran (إله الناس). It is that name that you usually…

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