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A Traveler’s Guide

18 years of living in a Muslim country had me taking the Islamic way of life for granted and when I moved to a predominantly non-Muslim country for higher studies, my happy-go-lucky life took quite a 360° jerk. The new-found freedom away from family, the excitement of delving into a new culture, the modified version…


Aisha Bint Abu Bakr – What Women NEED Today!

THE POWERHOUSE OF INTELLIGENCE ‘Aisha bint Abi Bakr is a name that inspires awe in everyone, be it male or female. She is a well known personality who was a powerhouse of intelligence, knowledge, wit, dedication, love, devotion, compassion, sass, and patience. She was the Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ most beloved wife, and her father’s favorite…

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca


The past draws its curtains,  And the future calls its soul. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The days pass by like breaths,  And  the seconds fly at a glance. What awaits is concealed,  And reliance on Him shall work. The silence speaks its words, And the patience bears its fruits….

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