Ode of Bayquniyyah

المنظومة البيقونية This book is written by Sheikh, Taha Ibn Muhammad Ibn Futuh Al-Bayquni. Some other scholars argue and said that his name is Umar Ibn Muhammad. Khairuddin az-Zirikhly in his book talks of the doubt if the name of the author is Taha or Umar. He was a muhaddith usuli. He was alive before…


A Woman’s Journey In Ramadan

Ramadan is less than a month away, and as many get ready to embrace this month head on, some of us may be feeling a little laid back, unsure about how to prepare and make the most of this blessed month. For many women, this can be the case, and in this article I will…


Waqf in Islam

Waqf is defined as a permanent dedication of the corpus of the valuable property by a Muslim to the ownership of Allah for religious, charitable, and pious purposes. The term waqf literally means to prevent (habs) or restrain. In legal terms it means to protect a thing or to prevent it from becoming the property…


Why I Left Social Media

“Oh! You’re no longer on Facebook?” This is a regular question that I am faced with whenever conversations about if I have seen or heard this or that on Facebook arise. I cannot say I have absolutely no clue what social media is, but I can say for certain I have absolutely no idea what…


A Traveler’s Guide

18 years of living in a Muslim country had me taking the Islamic way of life for granted and when I moved to a predominantly non-Muslim country for higher studies, my happy-go-lucky life took quite a 360° jerk. The new-found freedom away from family, the excitement of delving into a new culture, the modified version…


Death Note

Man’s greatest fear is death. Our fear of death is existential. Death is associated with everything horrid and depressing. We tend to not remember it as much as we can. Everytime we encounter death, it is a tragedy we never expect. Subconsciously, we are attached to our embodied existence, and dispossession of our soul is…


Is not the Quran Enough?

“Is not the Quran enough for guidance?” An innocent question but plump with sinister fillings. Today we are seeing again a rise of those who reject the Hadiths of the Prophet and claim to only follow the Quran directly. Why? Because when you remove the Sunnah, you are basically removing the entirety of the Shariah….


History of Indian Scholarship | Sheikh Akram Nadwi

These are running notes from a class taught by Sheikh Akram Nadwi on the History of Indian Scholarship. This is not a transcribed version of the talk but rather notes.   Many of the books on Uzbekistan, China etc came from India. The famous scholar, Sheikh Khalid alKurdi studied in India. Nowadays we see many orientalists talk…


The Abominable Touch

*Madinah, Saudi Arabia* Perhaps around 8-10 years ago, I and the elder sister walk into a small local store while our madre waited out in the car. Although it was the only one open in the area, it was also quite close to the Masjid and presumably ‘safe’. It was unoccupied and while we separated,…


Who Am I? – A Self Discovery

Growing up, it has long been ingrained in our minds that we should aim to achieve enough in life to afford comfort and happiness. Myself, as a parent, I hope that my children will also grow to achieve in their lives, a level of comfort and stability that everyone wishes for. Not so very long…

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