Matn al-Sakhawiyah: Unlocking the Quran

I recently came across a work of classical poetry that blew me away. A friend inquired from our teacher about “Matn al Sakhawiyya” on the Mutashabihat ayat of the Quran. Our teacher replied that it was an excellent way to remember a lot of confusing similarities in the Quran by quoting a line from her memory….


Journey of Faith: Life of Salman al-Farisi

Salman al-Farisi is perhaps most famously known for his ingenious plan during the Battle of Khandaq to outsmart the 10,000 strong army of disbelievers by using a technique in warfare not known by the Arabs at that time. But then again he was one of the most prominent sahabas later on known for his abundant…


Wudhu as per the Hanbali Madhab

The following are points of benefit regarding wudhu as per the Hanbali Madhab taught by Sheikh Abu Ibrahim John Starling. Wudhu    A. There are 8 Pre-Requisites which must be met for a valid Wudhu: 1. Cessation of what obligates it. Menstrual and postpartum bleeding, urination, etc. must have completely stopped. 2. Intention, a prerequisite for…


Istanbul: The City That Speaks Poetry, Tea & Prayer

Istanbul, where continents clash, is a place where you can find anything. This meeting place of East and West is a union of beauty, poetry, mysticism, history, and several cultures. Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital”. Love for this city is destined to last forever. Amidst…


Human Resource Management and Islam

Introduction Islam is not just any religion or a mere theology. It is much more than that, it is a way of life. Islam has a moral code and a constant sense of accountability for every action coupled with a plethora of rewards for doing the required tasks and few penalties to maintain discipline. Contrast…


Can I Be A Secular Muslim?

The dispute over the separation of state and religion has gone viral on mainstream and social media. Its advocates have striven immensely to promulgate their doctrine, hoping to make it appealing to the Muslim masses. Amazingly, they’ve even tried to substantiate its credibility by using arguments from the Quran and authentic Sunnah. What’s even more…


Quranic Moments with Motherhood

It was around two weeks after I had my second child. Finally one evening, things seemed calm. The toddler and baby were both asleep and I had some time for myself. I had been reciting the whole Quran from beginning to end to a teacher as part of a telephone revision program. It had halted…


The Ideal Response to Every Doubt on Islam

We are living in a revolutionary era; the drastic progress of technology and telecommunication is overwhelming, where geographical boundaries are eliminated; racial differences have dissolved; and language variations are no longer a hurdle. A joke is cracked in the West and instantly laughed at in the East. People have benefited immensely from this innovative advancement…

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